Several local schools have recently invited us to bring a bus and show the children what public transport was like before they were born. If you are a teacher and think we may be able to help bring one of your lessons to life, this may just interest you.

We can bring a bus into your school grounds (subject to availability) and give the children a tour of the vehicle, both inside and out, with a short talk about the bus and its history. We have produced "hand-out" sheets which the children can complete in class afterwards, with a few simple questions about the bus, a picture for them to colour in and some basic facts about life in the days when the bus was new.

More information, including downloadable children's "handouts" is at the bottom of this page. 

School bldg


We took "Ethel", our 1952 Leyland Tiger, along. The Reception children helped make the huge wall display afterwards, each child drawing a picture of the bus and cutting it out.

Years 5/6 teacher Miss Allen is pictured trying out the driving cab.

school bus


(Dewsbury Moor)

Class teachers Miss Roberts and Mr Hamlet seemed to be having more fun than the children when we visited.

school traffic sign

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEETS.  We have prepared two worksheets, one for each of the above buses. They can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved to your school's computer. Both sheets can be printed out - they contain two pages which should be printed back-to-back. If we are visiting you, we will let you know which bus we are bringing along. (Click the PDF buttons to download).

  The green single-decker (1.07mb)   The blue double-decker (125 kb)